Eagles Cleaning Services LLC
  • What our clients say

    I just started regular weekly service 3 months ago and was a bit apprehensive at first because my last service was so unprofessional (The lady brought her kid with her to clean). This company is very professional in every way. I really like their products and great vacuums. They just really work hard and I am so happy. I like that I can have ongoing communication with them through their evaluation card. Thanks again Eagles Cleaning Services for cleaning my house so beautifully.


    Pleased Customer

    My office looks remarkable week in and week out! A superb and classy company all the way around. I trust the ladies who clean and I don't trust many people these days. Many thanks!

    Mac Herald

    Chief financial officer

Eagles Cleaning Services, LLC is an outstanding cleaning services company covering Columbus. We specialise in home cleaning and office cleaning and pride ourselves on our exception, spotless quality and honest, reliable service. We provide a fully insured cleaning service, a fully guaranteed cleaning service and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment.